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Transocean NI Ltd opened its doors for business in 1990 and is based in Belfast Port. It quickly established itself as a leading Freight Forwarding Agent in Northern Ireland and proudly retains that position today. We remain privately owned and our Customer base now extends well beyond the shores of Northern Ireland. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a professional yet personal service to our domestic and international customers. We have an experienced, focused staff and all are fully aware of the importance of delivering good customer service, and a reliable, cost effective logistics solution every time.

Our Shipping Department has a very professional team that are fully conversant with Letters of Credit, Bills of Lading etc., ensuring that aside from the physical movement of your product, the all-important paperwork is processed in an expedient and efficient manner.

In addition to providing Export Customs Clearance services we can offer Customs Clearance Expertise for your Imports. Every commodity is different – and so is every market. Rules, regulations, duties and taxes change all the time. Trust our experienced staff to give you guidance, wherever your imports are coming from. We will do our best to make the entire import experience is as straightforward as possible.

Over the years we have established an excellent rapport with various Ocean Carriers, Banks, Chambers of Commerce, and also with HMRC which ensures smooth transition of documents and makes problem solving a lot easier.

We at Transocean NI Ltd seek to act as your Logistics partner and in doing so we will endeavour to match your transport requirements, particularly in terms of delivery time and cost, with a wide range of world-wide shipping services operating to/from ports in Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe.

Containerisation Northern IrelandContainerisation Northern Ireland

Containerisation is a system of intermodal freight transport using shipping containers made of weathering steel and vary in sizes and form. Transocean NI Ltd are a leading Freight Forwarder experienced in containerised shipping and our staff have many years experience to help each customer with their individual needs.

Freight Forwarding Northern Ireland ImageFreight Forwarding Northern Ireland

Freight Forwarding is what we do.  We have a multitude of suppliers and partners at hand to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for all modes of transport whether its via road, sea or air freight.  We can assist our clients in moving all forms of cargo that vary in size and weight using those modes of transport.


Waste & Recyclables Northern Ireland

Waste used to describe unwanted materials. Examples include municipal solid waste (household trash/refuse), hazardous waste, wastewater, radioactive waste, and others. We at Transocean can assist in the transportation of waste goods such as waste paper/plastic/metals which can be recycled for further use.

Customs Clearance Northern Ireland

Customs Clearance Northern Ireland

Customs Clearance work involves the preparation and submission of documentation and interpretation required to facilitate exports to leave, and imports to enter a country. Our team of operation specialists assist the client in preparation of documents and/or electronic submissions for customs clearance of the clients shipments. Please contact us for more information.