Shipping Containers Northern Ireland

Transocean (NI) Ltd supply all types of containers which include various sizes – 20Ft, 40Ft & 45Ft lengths. Containers come in different heights – standard 8’6″or High Cube 9’6″.

Containers also come in different forms – box, curtainside, open top, flat rack, tank. We supply the requested type of containers to customers for loading, we can sometimes arrange the haulage and stuffing of the containers at the customers request, this may be on their premises or in a warehouse which we would outsource.

Once cargo is loaded we arrange the movement on to vessels and transhipment to their final destination whether it be an import to Northern Ireland or an export from Northern Ireland

Please contact us to discuss our Containerisation Services.

Transocean (NI) Ltd transacts all business under current BIFA Standard Trading Conditions 2021 Edition (Northern Ireland) which are available to view here.