Freight Forwarding Northern Ireland

Transocean (NI) Ltd is a leading Freight Forwarding Company in the Irish market. We offer excellent scheduled competitive FCL & LCL rates and services.  From our base in Northern Ireland our Freight Forwarding services reach as far as Asia, the Middle East, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Mediterranean, Europe, UK, Africa and beyond. Just give us a call and our team of experienced staff will be able to provide you with the most competitive rates and services available for a tailored solution to your shipping requirements.

We can offer Multimodal Logistics for Imports & Exports via Road, Sea, Air & Rail under the following categories:


Sea Freight is predominantly referred to as Containerisation, this is a method of Freight Forwarding or Freight Transport where containers built to standardised dimensions are used by our customers for transportation of their goods from point A to point B. Containers are an efficient way of transporting goods over long distances due to the fact they can be stacked and easily transferred from different methods of transport, whether it be by Road, Sea or Rail. Using containers reduces transport costs for our customers to import or export goods around the world which has vastly increased international trade between countries.

We offer a very comprehensive service for our customers, where we handle everything from tracking the consignment, documentation, customs clearance & haulage. We have extensive contacts with all shipping lines being able to offer customers the best solutions & prices.

Frequently used equipment

  • 20′, 40′ and 45′ containers in DV and/or HC specifications.
  • Specialised containers include Flat rack (FL), Reefer (RF), Open top (OT), Curtainside, Palletwide


Road Haulage, is a method of Logistics transportation via road using truck & trailer or vans. We aim to offer our customers door to door service within Ireland, UK & Europe. We have a large network of hauliers at our disposal and aim to offer best possible pricing & transit time to suit our customers. We can transport most goods with the use of the various methods available to us whether its temperature controlled, over sized or if its less than a full load. Rail Freight is a method used in Europe and UK to save costs such as fuel. Trailers and containers can be placed on rail carriage and will move from one place to another then collected at the other side by a haulier to take to the customer.

Frequently used equipment

  • Flats, Curtain Side, Box, Tautliner, Mega Trailer, Refrigerated


On request we can arrange an Air Freight shipment for our customers, both import and export on a Global scale. Offering a fast and reliable service as well as competitive rates to benefit our customers.


Across our services via Sea, Road & Air we can offer groupage services. This is a method where smaller packages are consolidated together with other customers goods and packed into a container, trailer or crates at the same time enabling us to offer competitive pricing to each customer. For Air Freight crates would be used for transportation rather that containers or trailers.

Frequently used equipment

  • Containers: 20’DV, 40’DV/HC and 45’DV/HC
  • Specialised Containers: Curtain side, Palletwide
  • Trailers: Flats, Curtainside, Box, Taut liner, Mega Trailer, Refrigerated

**most Groupage is packed on pallets or in crates to minimise any possible damage from other cargo**

Transocean (NI) Ltd transacts all business under current BIFA Standard Trading Conditions 2021 Edition (Northern Ireland) which are available to view here